Threatening Statement Issued By Oting Citizens Group of Nagaland Issues

Oting Citizens, a forum of people of Oting area in Mon district in Nagaland, has barred all groups of the Indian Armed forces from entering Oting indefinitely.

In a statement, Oting Citizens stated, “We, the people of Oting, issue this communique in the highest form of condemnation on the barbaric cowardice act of the Indian Arm (Armed) Forces and their atrocities towards the innocent civilians and youngsters on 4th December 2021, at Longkhao/yatong, Otiog village. And we also dare the the Indian Armed Forces to come out clean so as to deliver timely justice to the victims’ families. Henceforth, the people of Oting also bar all groups and parties of various factions and the Indian Armed Forces indefinitely from entering Oting jurisdiction (which includes Lower Tiru).”

The forum said that all dramatic heroic reports of the fleeing cowards submitted in Parliament were totally false and fabricated. The statement made by a prominent leader in the house is unwarranted and uncalled for.

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