Need More Practical Courses For Law Students. CJI Ramana.

Chief justice of India N.V.Ramana on 19th December 2021 Sunday called for introducing more practical Courses for students of law, saying they are accustomed to considering legal problems in a theoretical manner . This reflects “an urgent need to introduce courses which are more practical and allow students to interact with people and their issues at the gross roots level”, CJI Ramana said

Ramana was delivering the annual convocation address at national academy of legal studies and research Hyderabad, on 19th December 2021 Sunday Evening. He said students of law, “being the guardians of freedom, justice, equality and ethics, cannot allow narrow and partisan views to dominate the nation’s thought”.

Pointing out that the “constitution was framed as a radical document which bridged the gap between the aspirations of the past and expectations of the future”, the CJI said it shall “ thrive only when the young citizens honour it’s principles with conviction”.

“ Ethos of the democratic republic of India is based on the people’s commitment to the welfarists construction of India. This commitment must be nurtured at an early age by creating social consciousness and inculcating a culture of lawfulness”, he said adding that institutions such as NALSAR play a vital role in fostering the spirit of the constitution.

He exhorted the law students to be fearless and be upright”, and to stand by the constitutional oath they had taken.  

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