Amid rise in omicron cases, supreme court to switch to virtual mode .

While the omicron cases rise, the supreme court on 2nd January 2022 Sunday decided to suspend all physical hearing and revert to virtual hearing for the next two weeks. On October 7 2021, the apex court which had been hearing cases virtually since the covid induce lockdown since March 2020, had announced resumption of physical hearing two days a week along with hybrid hearings.

As per the modified standard operating procedure (SOP), all matters listed on 29th December 2021 and 30th December 2021 were to be heard physically and on 28th December 2021 parties could request virtual hearing (hybrid hearing) from the court. But now, the modified SOP will remain suspended.

“It is hereby notified for the information of the members of the bar, party-in-person and all concerned that , keeping in view the rising number of cases, the competent authority has been pleased to direct that modified SOP notified on October 7th 2021 for physical hearing (with hybrid option) before court’s will remain suspended for the present and all hearing before the courts for a period of two weeks from and with effect from 3rd January 2022 shall be through virtual mode only” a circular by the supreme court registry said .

The development comes as the court is set to reopen on 3rd January 2022 after Christmas holidays.

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