Political Rallies and COVID19

Suddenly COVID 19 cases raising over the nation, around 1 lakh cases started coming daily, and five states have assembly elections. All political parties have started their campaign. Uttar Pradesh shares around 16.51% population in India whereas it occupies only 8% of the total land. UP is the most important state for Indian Politics, scholars even say so “दिल्ली की कुर्सी लखनऊ से होकर जाती है” because UP has produced 9 PMs out of 15PMs. That’s why all political parties have put their efforts into assembly elections. But everyone has ignored the life and health of the public.

Political rallies, dharnas and demonstrations have been banned in poll-bound Uttarakhand till January 16 in view of the rising coronavirus cases, according to an official order.

 We are ho[ing everyo political parties, and election comission will care the interest, life, and health of the population.

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