Vision of All India Legal Forum Corporate Law Board is to discuss issues regarding Corporate Law. Centre for Corporate Law, as it is called, is an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law, and related fields like competition law and policy making, conflict management, banking and insurance laws. The Centre offers consultancy and training programme for judges, lawyers, corporate executives, students, and enforcement officials in the field of Corporate law.

It aims to provide a forum for discussions and debate about public law, governance and politics in order to contribute to the inter- and intra-regional discourse amongst all the stakeholders of society, particularly the advocates, academics, researchers, NGOs and students academics. It will address contributors and readers from all sections of society and welcomes contributions from all related sciences as well as from representatives of courts, executive authorities, and agencies of development cooperation. It also provides a platform where scholars and practitioners address issues of compelling concerns of India. It is also broad in scope, discussing issues of critical importance without treating the region as a self-contained unit. Through this approach,  Corporate Law Board hopes to contribute to shared understandings between peoples, and enhanced discourse on institutional and human development at the local and global levels.

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